Increasing Bandwith Usage

I am on a Netlify Pro plan and I have Cloudflare Pro.

  • My Netlify Site is a Jekyll site hosted on Github.

  • The site is very lightweight but yet in 4 days it has somehow used GBs of bandwith on Netlify.

  • Having seen the recent story about the $100,000 Netlify bill I am quite nervous.

  • March 1 I purchase Cloudflare Pro and switched all images to webp. I’ve optimized all the Cloudflare Pro settings for Security, Access, Speed, Caching, Scrape Shield and yet my data is still creeping up.

  • The site isnt updated frequently so should I update my cache time from 4 hours?

Happy to supply any screenshots neeeded.


Have you seen/read this support guide @adamdjbrett?

If you wish to use Cloudflare I might suggest you also consider using Cloudflare Pages.

It was those for those reasons that I had not previously used Cloudflare on Netlify but after the $100,000 bill story and seeing a tiny website that has a light weight homepage use a substantive portion of my 1TB of data that i panicked and added Cloudflare.

Undue panic I suspect.

Thanks. Digs. I will turn off Cloudflare proxy on the domain for the month and see how it fares. I appreciate the assistance.

No problem @adamdjbrett

There is a lengthy topic Add automated kill switch or rate limiting to prevent excess billing from DDOS attacks about the 100k bill and ways to mitigate this.

Keep in mind Netlify don’t have a “Free” plan they have a “Starter” plan that starts at $0/month. Cloudflare does have a “Free” plan, it doesn’t include all services/functionality so isn’t necessarily free.

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