Include static files in nuxt deployment

Site name: willowy-parfait-7608a6

We’re trying to include some larger json files that gets created during build for a nuxt deployment. these files are files for path-to-content mapping for a headless cms where the url structure is only found by compiling parent - child relationships. We’ve used normal import of json files in ts files up to now, but we’re starting to consistently get out of memory build errors, most likely due to the sizes of these json files.

I wanted to try the include_files config option, and then read the files using JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync()), but this option doesn’t seem to work for nuxt deployment, as it looks to be used solely for edge functions? Is there an example anywhere on how to achieve this? we build our nuxt site with nuxt build, and run with server side rendering enabled.

That option is for Functions, not Edge Functions. Edge Functions cannot bundle local files yet. If you import the JSON, that should be bundled, but there’s no included_files as such.

Could you share an example of a deploy that ran out of memory? And how big are the JSON files?