Include new branch sub-domain into SSL certificate

Hi everyone, can you include my new branch subdomain in my site certificate?
Site name:
Branch subdomain: that points to qa–

Thank you.

Unfortunately, we cannot. You don’t have all the prerequisites met:

Specifically, you have never deployed from git, which is required to have a branch, from which to make a branch subdomain. You see to deploy using our CLI or drag and drop, which won’t allow branch subdomains to be applied.

Sorry, I thought that I could deploy the branch using the CLI.

Thank you for your time anyway. I’ll use the netlify generated subdomain =)

To clarify - you can deploy any deploy at any hostname - you just might need more than one site to do it - you could deploy the same codebase on a second site here (no additional charge) and add whatever name you want - such as :wink:

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