Images served from LMS have a 300+ms response wait vs non-LMS images with a 30ms wait

Netlify site name:
Test site:

I enabled NLM to take advantage of the Transformation feature allowing me to serve multiple image sizes from the same source image.

However, I have noticed that images served from LMS have a response wait time of 300+ms when revalidating the cached image (and responding with a 304), whereas the same image served from a non-LMS site only have a 30ms response wait when revalidating the cached image.

Is this expected?

If yes then please can I get some help to disable LMS on the site as I would prefer speed over convenience.

Looks like my issue is a manifestation of this issue as previously reported:

When images are hosted on LMS, if they aren’t cached on your local CDN node then that CDN has to go to a S3 bucket hosted in the USA rather than a bucket close to the local node. This can introduce lag depending on network contention and distance from the USA S3 bucket.

As such I would like to stop using LMS on (

@danieldurrans Yeah, that is exactly what was happening to me. I actually never got any response time that was acceptable for me. I simply had to move away from NLM. After doing so my images load as I’d expect them to: within 30 to 60ms.

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