Images folder not deploying

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I have deployed my site
My web app was built using Vanilla Js and its powered by Vite
and in my directory, I have an images folder

Now my one image has been uploaded from that folder but that image was directly written in my index.html file, however, my other images I am trying to render come from a main.js file where its getting the image I need to render from an array of objects (below is an image of how im trying to get it to render)

code to render image on top. and where im getting img src from below

I feel like i have tried everything to get it to work but nothing seems to help, no idea how to solve this issue, any help would be appreciated

git hub: GitHub - ShazSeatter/meme-picker: Meme picker generator based on themes!

Have you read the appropriate documentation?

I haven’t looked too closely at what you’re doing, but it’s likely you want to utilize the public directory.

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yes you are right! i didn’t think of looking through the Vite Documentation thank you for pointing me in the right direction! your help is much appreciated!