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Image Transformation Optimization - Netlify Large Media

I’m trying to figure out what, if any, optimization is occurring through Netlify’s Image Transformation service. In the docs, I can see the ability to resize an image, but I don’t see any information about any kind of optimization/compression the image service may or may not be doing to the images it serves.

Can anyone provide more information about this? Like if I have a 2000x2000 pixel JPG image and request the image at 500x500 pixels, is the transformation service only resizing it? Or is it doing some kind of optimization? And if it is doing some kind of optimization, can you tell us what it is? This is semi-important to me because for a site I have, I actually want to be able to control the kind of optimization that’s happening on my smaller image variations. It’s important they still be of very high quality, even though they are of a smaller size. So I’d like to know what kind of optimization is being done.

Hi @jimniels, we don’t currently do any optimization or compression on the image resizing when you use large media. If you use our regular asset optimization then we only do lossless compression, but that feature isn’t currently compatible with Netlify Large Media.

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