Image not found in deploy preview

I have created a react app in my nx monorepo under apps/client. The project is maintained inside GitHub in an open repo. (GitHub - the-ai-team/razor). Netlify project is connected to the GitHub repo and enabled for continuous deployment.

In deploy preview my project logo is not showing.
PR - [Solved #25] Base layout development and initialization by supunTE · Pull Request #26 · the-ai-team/razor · GitHub
Deploy preview link -
But in the permalink image is showing -

I saw the image loading from a domain called in the deploy preview.
in the permalink, it’s not another domain but the same domain.

I also tried disabling Collaboration tools also tried to delete the cache and building.

This replaces happening when I do import and placing the image

import logo from '../assets/images/logo.png'; <img src={logo} alt='' />

But when put my image inside the assets folder and did the following it won’t hide
<img src ='./assets/images/logo.png' alt ='' />

Currently, I’m seeing a white page for: and I do not see any references to netlify-cdp-loader anymore. Has something changed?

I tried enabling asset optimization, now the domain is not netlify-cdp-loader but some CDN domain, which is not found again. the image there is not loading. You can see the expected result through the permalink.

I disabled asset optimization and working again. not sure of the reason.

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Hi @gateway.0xait :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums thanks so much for coming back and letting us know what you did to fix the problem.