React app from github to netlify

Here’s the the react app i made and deployed by using Github :
my problem is none of the images are being uploaded, and yes I have tried many fixes and none of them helped, like :
changing the directory of where the images are, they used to be in …/src/assets i changed them to the very first directory, didn’t work and then to where app.jsx is and that didn’t work either.
I also tried with different src=“” but the issue is when i inspect elements and open the application tab in dev tools none of the images are being uploaded in the first place, i can’t see them using a link like this :
Please help :pray:

@Cscripts thanks for the post and welcome.
If possible can you share the repository of your project for me to help with the debugging.


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Thank you, here you are:

Put images in public folder and link them as <img src="/img1.jpg"/>. This is not a Netlify issue. Please refer to: Static Asset Handling | Vite (


thank you, I had to make a public folder and transfer everything there.

thanks for coming back and sharing this with the community!