Image assets loading slowly or not at all (502)

Site: timely-empanada-b65789

We’ve recently started seeing extremely slow load times for images (all small file sizes, biggest is ~130kb) without us deploying any new code. Sometimes the images don’t even load at all and we get a 502 on most of the images.

We’re using a standard Next.js install and Netlify’s Next.js Runtime.

We noticed it yesterday and assumed it was a temporary dip in CDN performance but it’s still there today. We’re expecting an increase in traffic tomorrow so we’re starting to get a bit nervous about it. Would really really appreciate any help. Don’t know how to debug this any further on my own.

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Same here. I’ve also tried to deploy my app on some other Cloud Edges providers. And the problem is on Netlify side.

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I can confirm this same issue in loading API requests and we are also nervous about this as we have our launch in 6 days.

I’ve launched many sites on Netlify and have not seen this problem. In fact for sites that were launched on Netlify over a year ago this problem is non existent.

I can also confirm making the same requests from postman or from localhost do not encounter this issue.

The current site I’m referencing is actually an exact clone of a site already in production with the same configuration on Netlify that has a larger set of servers on elastic beanstalk so it should run much quicker but this is not the case.

Open Support Ticket On This:

Can you share a HAR file @rainyEra and @niko?