I'm not sure that I "belong" on Netlify, I just want to build and deploy to my droplet

Hello, I have a PHP + Svelte application that requires building. I usually just run npm run build and push the production-compiled .js to my bitbucket git repo, which I then pull in to my Digital Ocean droplet. (a VPS)

My goal is to simply hook up my bitbucket repo to Netlify, which I’ve done, and build, which I’ve done, but then update a remote VPS. But I can’t figure out how to do so, and I feel like I’m not the target audience for Netlify and though I love the experience so far, maybe I’m better suited somewhere else. I don’t need anything.netlify.com; I already have a domain. I basically want Netlify to do the build and pull for me. It seems like Netlify is more for hosting JAMstack sites, am I trying to fit a square in a circle hole?

Hiya @VaelVictus and welcome to our community! Anyone’s welcome on Netlify, but indeed, our service is not really designed for your use case. You are welcome to use it that way, but it will take a fair amount of setup on your part to get it working and we won’t provide extensive tech support as our primary business is indeed webhosting rather than continuous integration.

You might be able to use this technique to copy stuff to your droplet:

Please be aware that you might end up in paid territory on our service, even with no website here since we do charge for build minutes used in excess of 300/month as described here:

So, make sure you have optimized your build minutes usage:

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