Iframe does not appear after manually deploying React build on Netlify

I try to embed an iframe from google maps on my site. If I run my site locally the iframe gets displayed

. But if I deploy my site manually with an build from React the iframe does not appear.

Here is an similar case but I tried already with both http and https.

Another idea of me would be that it is not possible to show content from third parties? I am not sure. What could it be?

Hello @yachty66,

I am able to see the iframe of the site from the link you’ve provided. However, I did notice that some screen resolutions hide the map via CSS.

in firstPage.css there is a CSS media query that hides the map for certain resolutions:

@media only screen and (max-width: 700px),
            screen and (max-height: 900px) {

        display: none;

So you might be experiencing an issue where your browser screen width/height when viewing it as deployed that are hiding it.