ICMP stopped working?

In the past ICMP pings to netlify domains worked, but they seem to have recently stopped.

For example, www.chrisbentzel.com DNS configuration shows it is a CNAME for brave-mahavira-e1bab3.netlify.app

www.chrisbentzel.com. 3440 IN CNAME brave-mahavira-e1bab3.netlify.app.
brave-mahavira-e1bab3.netlify.app. 20 IN A
brave-mahavira-e1bab3.netlify.app. 20 IN A

pinging the domain name or the IP addresses directly shows no ICMP traffic going through. I am seeing ICMP traffic succeed on other addresses so do not think this is a local firewall issue or similar.

I am also seeing this behavior on other netlify hosted pages on different domains.

I looked at the new firewall traffic rules and they have “Allow all traffic” set.

Note: I’m guessing this was either intended (with new firewall behavior) or unexpected but not part of guaranteed behavior of netlify - so understand if it no longer works.

Not sure if this was ever intended. I can confirm this with the devs, but could you share your use case here? Why is this important to you?

The devs confirmed that this has recently changed. We were changing some stuff on the CDN-level for a long time and we just finished last week. This new technology does not support proxying ICMP, so it’s unlikely we can get it back. We’d recommend doing a HTTP probe for monitoring purposes.

Yes, this was for a simple reachability/liveness test. Thanks for taking the time out to explain that it is unlikely to work!