I18next not working when deployed in Netlify

PLEASE help i m stuck with this for 3 days

My page is https://graceful-torrone-944766.netlify.app](https://graceful-torrone-944766.netlify.app/

So i used translation with i18next my project is working fine, but when i deploy and open the page everything is working except Translation, had 0 build problems already tried many things like moving locales page inside the src and nothing… Tell me please if i need to provide more information.

This are the errors

Solved in the the deploy build settings → build command , and there i had just npm run build, to force read my locale folder i did “npm run build && cp -R locales dist/locales” and finally after days doing changes in the project and in the deploy settings works… Before wasn´t reading the Locales folder with the translation JSONs

thanks for coming back and sharing this with the community!

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