Site is alive after i18n plugin

Hi all,
i have a website on this page:

I have a project developed in vue3 using nuxt3. I developed a complete website, built it and put it live without any problems.

After finishing everything, I decided to implement multilingual and install the i18n plugin. At my location it works perfectly, I don’t receive any deployment errors, however after deploy on netlify, I receive this message when accessing a page.
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘source’)

I’ve already tried to resolve some things, but without success,
I can’t upload multiple files, so i upload one file with all prints.

Howdy @cassiods90 and welcome! :cowboy_hat_face:

I visited the site and tested a few links and they appear to resolve without HTTP 500 errors. Were you able to self-resolve the issue? If you still need help, please kindly share repro steps. Thanks a bunch!

hello @audrey ,

I just rolled back to an old deploy where everything was working, as I said, after I installed the i18n plugin, it didn’t work anymore.
I returned the deploy which has an error, if you want you can test it again and thanks for try help me

If you are still having this problem could you please link us (in the administrative UI) to the deploy logs for the one that created HTTP 500 errors? Our staff can see most pages that you can see :slight_smile:

From there, we should be best able to dig in from the links on that page where we can browse “that copy that you deployed”, and also look in our internal logs to see if we can find any misconfigurations, based on the identifier in the URL.


Hi, Thanks for helping me and sorry for the delay in responding, I was traveling.

Can you guide me where to access the panel you mentioned and link the logs?

thank you and have a good week

The logs are visible here: Function details | Functions | Logs | cassiospessatto | Netlify, but I think errors are being caught by Nuxt and displayed directly on screen:

That’s the exact error. You need to check your code to find where you’re using the source property and debug why its parent is undefined.

Also check out: Application in Vuejs / Nuxtjs does not work i18n