I want to know if wordpress can be used on netlify

Dear friends,

I just want to know if wordpress can be used on netlify, and how ? Thanks

@bisunicolas you can’t use wordpress on Netlify is the short answer.

PHP can be used on Netlify, but only during the build phase of deploying a site. Solutions that use PHP to build a static site prior to the publishing of a site can be used.

Some SSG’s (Static Site Generators) use outside WP API’s to access data during their build phase to get content to be used in the static site. Wordpress does not exist on any Netlify solution, so those WP sites are external.

Hope that answers your question.


Great answer, @talves, thank you. No, you can’t run wordpress on Netlify. There are many other headless CMS systems that work with Netlify such as Netlify CMS, contentful, and more.

Let us know if you want to know more about using any of the above.