I want 301 redirect on my website

I want My “www.xyz.netlify.aap” website to redirect to “www.xyz2.com”. how can I do that. please explain i need help

You cannot redirect www.your-site.netlify.app because it doesn’t exist. Only your-site.netlify.app exists.

Hi, @vivek12. You can redirect xyz.netlify.app to www.xyz2.com (but @dig is correct about www.xyz.netlify.app).

Using the _redirects file format, the rule would look like this:

https://xyz.netlify.app/*  https://www.xyz2.com/:splat 301!

Note, that is 301! (with the exclamation mark at the end) and not just 301. That ! after 301 is important and the redirect rule won’t work without it. There is more information about this here:

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