I still see "Page Not Found" Even though I have an index.html file

Hi Melvin. Thank you. Yes, I am still experiencing the issue. If you navigate to a page on the site (‘projects’, for instance) and refresh that singular page, you should see this page…

Have you added the redirect file mentioned above?

Hi Melvin,

Wanting to make sure. Were you hitting the refresh on my site and getting not error page?

Just to confirm, have you added the redirect mentioned:

hello where can put a _redirect file??
Because i have the same problème

Hello, Put the redirect file in your base directory. You can alternatively put the redirects in your netlify.toml file.

hi please i created My site with node js and i used index.ejs not index.html but ive already registere my view engine in my serverside code but it is still telling me page not found when the deployment showed successful

link to site:- https://master--marvelous-cendol-846740.netlify.app/

Hi, @moshoodmohammed. This support guide should explain the issue:

If there are other questions that the support guide above does not answer, please let us know with a reply here and we’ll help to find the answers.

hello, I am having “Page not found” issue after configuring my subdomain and it redirects to https://ephemeral-kitsune-bb98d3.netlify.app/

Can anyone advise on this?

Don’t post on other unrelated thread @lynnchin, especially when you have already opened a thread

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