I keep getting a 404 error when I try to link a github file to this site. I'm trying to create a QR code for a PDF

Netfly name (I think)

I’m not a coder and I’m just trying to create a QR code for a menu using a PDF for a restaurant and I dont want to pay a plan. I had used one of the qr code generating sites and I realized that Dynamic codes expire after the free trial. I found a tutorial on Youtube that teaches you how to create a code using the following sites that prevents that from happening.

YouTube: How To Turn A PDF INTO A QR CODE FOR FREE - YouTube

I went as far as creating a URL for the PDF and creating a file on github. I’m sure the problem is the coding on the index file that I create based on what I watched in the video. When I came to this site and followed the instructions and published, it gives me a 404 code. It says my pdf file is not linked to the repository in Github.

I’m stuck and as I mentioned before, I’ve never done this EVER.

If anyone can help me would be great.

You need to change

<a href="patio bar menu w-adress" .pdf"="">Click Here Event Info</a>


<a href="patio bar menu w-adress.pdf">Click Here Event Info</a>
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Thank you so much! It worked. If I modify the menu do i just update the menu in the repository? If I do that would I need to do all the same steps (github, nefly, etc) or would the link still be active?

Assuming the repository is linked to the netilfy site, you update the file in the repository and the site is redeployed automatically.

Thank you again for your help.

Is there a way to remove the “Click on the menu” step? My client prefers that when someone scans it goes directly to the menu. I only copied that from the Youtube video, but that would be my preference as well. I removed the “Click on the menu” verbiage from the code and it stopped working. I truly do have mad respect for the coding community… This is not easy!

Change the link in the QR code to that of the PDF menu file.

I uploaded the new menu to github and changed the code to the following: <a href="patio bar menu w-adress.pdf"a>. When I go to deploy its not working? What am I doing wrong?

That is not valid HTML. See my original post for the correct format for an Anchor <a>.

The HTML in index.html is also not valid as it contains no <title>, <head> or <body> element.

Suggest reading over the following to better understand what constitutes valid HTML