I got a server-side exception on NextJS 13

can you please help me,
I’m developing a site with NextJS and on a server component, I get an error. Where I can find these logs to debug this?

hope this server-side component can be done on Netlify. I’m building this one

Hi, your logs should be in your admin dashboard. Can you share the site name you are trying to deploy and I can link you to your build logs?

Sorry, looks like it was confusing. The site is deployed and works fine, except few pages.
These pages work in the chain with .env and are server-side components, so I think this is the reason why Netlify doesn’t support such.

still not resolved and I am still looking for help with this,

hi there, can you share the site name so we can investigate further?

hey, I can’t pm you with this, so
here is my gist with breaking changes

Heya @bublick ,

To help assist you with troubleshooting, we do need you to share the site name along with the reproduction steps. Feel free to slide into our DMs at @support. Thanks! :slight_smile: