I don't find a way to accept form submissions and do a new build/deploy

Hi community,

I am not a developer, and I am just testing out this amazing platform. So, the idea here is to include Netlify forms as a way of commenting in static sites.

Note: No use of git or anything like static site generators. Say,here is my code:

I changed it to include the forms offered by Netlify in this and uploaded the index file and it made me feel so happy that the submissions are coming in.

But, here is a challenge. I’d like to use this functionality for comments as shared in docs. I am receiving these submissions in the Netlify dashboard and options to mark them as spam, delete and expand all. But, I don;t find an option to accept the comment at all which is strange.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Note: I am not using any static gen or react. Basic HTML page and netlify form. Submissions are in. No issues. I only want to approve these submissions and then pass them on the page so that a new build is created and new page is deployed with the comments.

Summarizing: Static page includes form. Form submissions received. I dont; have option to approve, but do have options to reject and all. I am not sure if this is how it might work as I don’t find a bridge between the page and the comment. However, any idea on how to use netlify on a simple static website to recieve submissions, accept them and display them over would help.


hey Rakesh,

I think I understand what you are asking, but just to clarify:

  • at the moment you have a static html site with netlify forms and you are receiving form submissions correctly
  • you are interested in having a way to have those form submissions show up on your site, for example as a blog comment

is that correct?

I don’t think you can achieve what you are trying to do with a static html site very easily, because you need to have some code somewhere that listens to the fact that a submission has been received, that then triggers an update on the page, and then also controls where the comment gets shown on the page.

You might look into a static site generator such as Hugo or Gatsby for this task - and I do believe you’ll need some kind of lambda function to handle the incoming data.

You could also use a “commenting plugin” such as https://www.talkyard.io/ to achieve what you are trying to do without moving away from having a simple html site.

Let me know if this answers your question?