I cannot create site in https://app.netlify.com/ for Self Hosted Site for Netlify CSM

I have netlify cms code integrated into my React (gatsby) website. I have my own deployment server and Code is currently stored in Github. So when I try to log in through GitHub from my site like “https://mysite.com/admin” it is giving me an error that No Auth Provider Found. So I found that in the documentation that I have to add my site to app.netlify.com and add OAuth keys generated by github. But When I trying to create site from app.netlify.app, Its asking me for credit card details and I cannot create site for my CMS only.

Previously I created a site for another project, it was letting me allow to configure the website & it’s working fine now as well. So after importing the GitHub project, why I am not able to proceed future to create a new site without purchasing the plan? Previously it was allow me to add a new site without any plan selected as I belonged to the free plan.

Can you please help us here? It would be great if you can help me out here asap.
Thank you.


If the repository belongs to a GitHub Organization, this is a Pro feature: Netlify Pricing and Plans

Regarding CMS questions, Netlify doesn’t own/maintain the CMS anymore and thus, doesn’t provide any support either. Please reach out to Decap CMS.