I can not access my website


Hope I can find the answer . my test website always showing error when open it


it always say not found then redirect to


it just simple html page

Hi @Amer_mahmoud,

Thanks for reaching out!

Are you still having issues? When I click on the link for trukish-series.netlify.app it appears to be resolving correctly. If you’re still having issues, could you clarify what error you’re seeing when visiting that URL?

Hello Melvin,

Thanks for your response . and it is solved great thanks .

I guess the issue was caching or something cause I opened the link before I deploy the app and my 1st try was failed due to wrong files format .

and ounce I uploaded the correct file I tried the page and it was showing not found .

And once I read your response I checked to see and it was working .

I appreciate your time