I am not able to register my domain created with godaddy to this email

Earlier I have created a netlify account with an email ID acuconf@gmail.com. That email ID is not active now. I have created the wesbite then with that account and added domain and ssl. Now since I cant delete that account, I need to setup a new custom domain with the new account created with jathish.namboothiri@gmail.com. Please help me to remove the earlier account and setup on this afresh.

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Hiya @acuconf :wave:t6:, welcome to the forums! Unfortunately we do not delete user account details on behalf of them.

  1. If the above email is yours you should be able to login to the previous account. For some reason If you can’t login to the other account you will not be able to delete the account as this is the only way to prove domain ownership.

  2. To prevent problems with using the domain again in the second team, you can remove it from sites in the existing team, or remove sites and domain configuration from that existing team.

  3. Once that’s done please follow the information outlined here to delete the account.

Please reach out if you have any other questions.