I already deployed my site but for some reason some people can open it but the majority cannot

Site name: https://abrantes-2ndqtr-eport.netlify.app

  1. This site can’t be reached, check if there’s a typo in (site name).
  2. Webpage is not available.

My first site posted worked perfectly in the past but when I ask my friends to reopen my site, it won’t open. Same as my new published site. Some people can open it including the gadgets that use the same wifi as me but the majority of them cannot. I’m still a student and I still don’t have that average knowledge in coding. Thank you!

Hey @sealtielthomas13

I can confirm your site does work (see screenshot below.)

I notice you are in the Philippines and there are recent reports of some users of a specific ISP not being able to access netlify.app sites (see https://answers.netlify.com/t/every-netlify-site-i-visit-cant-be-reached/49205). Are you able to confirm which ISP those who are unable to access your site are using?

Screenshot of what I see

Hello! thank you for responding @coelmay

Yes, here’s what made me more confused because when I asked two of my friends which use the same ISP, one of them can open my site and the other one cannot. I’m being anxious right now because I don’t know if my Professor can open my site if I pass my work. Btw their ISP is PLDT.

This is the same ISP mentioned in the thread I linked previously. It is hard to know why (at least some) users of this ISP seem to have issues while (I assume) users of other ISPs don’t. I don’t know what, if anything, Netlify can do, or users of this ISP can do to remedy the situation.

If you are worried about the ability of your professor being able to access the site, perhaps you could send them a message explaining it appears that (some) users of PLDT are have issues.

oh, in that case, I guess I’ll take your advice to just explain what happened. Thank you so much @coelmay . I appreciate your replies. Take care <3