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Every Netlify Site I Visit Can't Be Reached

I don’t know when this problem started, but out of nowhere, I cannot access any site that has a netlify.app domain.

The error message will always show:

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in ***.netlify.app.

  • If spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics.


I can access the sites with my other devices using the same network. I can’t access Netlify apps using my laptop which I mainly use for coding. I even tried flushing DNS, but no use.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who encounters this problem, but any help would be greatly appreciated :sweat_smile:

Could you share the URL?

Uhm…no specific url. Just any Netlify app that uses the netlify.app subdomain.

That’s not the case at least for me. Most sites appear to be working fine, which is why I asked if you’re having issues with a specific URL.

For example these demo sites:


Appears to be working fine:

Could you try using a different ISP?

That’s the thing, on my phone, I can access the sites using the same network.

If you can access using the same network, then there’s something wrong with the configuration on your computer. It could be bad DNS settings, firewalls, hosts or anything else.

Hello I am currently experiencing the issue above, sites that uses


is not accessible/working on other ISP.

Using VPN and other ISP works or weird is the app is working on my mobile browser but not on my desktop. Is there any solution that I can do for this?

Hi @redmg

If you are able to access .netlify.app sites on a mobile device but not a desktop, using one network provider but not another, then it is highly likely the issue is a device or network-centric one and not anything to do with Netlify (either in terms of not working, or blocking traffic.)

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Hey @redmg :wave:

It would also be helpful to know where you are connecting from without the VPN! This will help us investigate any trends.

Let me know if you feel comfortable sharing this!