Hugo theme not rendering

I have created a website ( using blogdown (for R) and I have this version controlled in a GitHub repository. I then added this to netlify and it detected that it needed to use hugo to render the site. However, for some reason netlify will not render the site properly even though it renders locally on my laptop just fine. I have done this before for another website I have (using the same method) and it works great (see here

I have built the website in blogdown using the BlogRa theme from rafed (GitHub - rafed/BlogRa) and all the code is available publicly here ( The website was built using hugo version 0.101.0 and I have set this as the environment variable HUGO_VERSION already and this has not help.

Apologies for not being more specific, as there is no error message I don’t know wha more information I can give. Many thanks.

This isn’t a Netlify problem.

Visit your site (, open your browser’s dev tools, and look at the console messages:

Your asset links are pointing to For example:

Correct the baseURL in your Hugo site configuration.

Thanks for sharing that with us, @jmooring!