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Hugo is killed when building

When I build the project, it will be killed. the log is below:

Command was killed with SIGKILL (Forced termination): hugo --gc --minify

Is there some way to solve the problem? or what’s the reason? too many post files?


Hi there, @wxtoutiao :wave:

Could you share your package.json and a screenshot of your build settings please? Additionally, we have a few other threads that discuss SIGKILL. Take a look and see if the suggestions / solutions are applicable:

Let us know!

thanks, I use Hugo, no package.json. Is netlify has files limited? I update almost 100k post files. I think the problem may be related with files amount. Is there a way for publish over 1000k post files with netlify?

Hi, @wxtoutiao. The issue appears to be that hugo is running out of memory and this is causing the OS to stop the running process.

There are several possible ways to resolve this:

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thanks a lot.
I would switch Hugo to other tool because Hugo has no incremental static generation.
Is there a way to incremental publish over 1000,000 posts with starter plan in netlify?

Incremental generation is a SSG-specific feature, not something that Netlify controls. Netlify will run the command you ask it to and deploy if the build succeeds.

With that being said, Hugo is one of the fastest builders out there. If it’s getting killed because of memory issues, chances are other builders might be killed due to build timeout limit as the number of posts is too high. I’d advise you to test before you make a switch.

Thanks for your reply.
How much the memory limited with starter plan?

Hi Luke,
Is manual deploy with ‘netlify deploy’ incremental?

It’s mentioned here: [Support Guide] Making sure your builds use appropriate resources for Netlify's build system.

About incremental builds, I repeat, it’s not a Netlify feature. In Manual Deploy, you build your website locally and only upload the publish files to Netlify. So, if your SSG supports it, you should be able to run an incremental deploy locally and publish it.

Thanks for your quickly reply.