Hugo doks theme

I am failing to properly build a site using Hugo doks theme. This uses node.js and has no public/ folder. It builds/serves locally no problem. But the landing page is not rendered correctly on netlify. I have both the git repo and deployed url below. I’ve tried changing the default npm run build to hugo - not sure if that’s right thing to do but it made no difference. Supplied my Hugo version 0.83.1 (latest) as environment variable.

This must be something really basic! Help is much appreciated!

I don’t see the difference.

This is local:

And this is your production link:

What seems to be the problem?

I received a very accurate response over on the doks community beginner question: landing page not rendered as expected on netlify · Discussion #280 · h-enk/doks · GitHub

Seems I needed to change base-url on two other config.toml, not just _default. This has solved it!

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sorry mate I just fixed it in the last minutes! so yes, it’s fine now… I also responded to myself (as you were writing).

Thanks for coming back and sharing your solution, @anestuk :netliconfetti: This will definitely be beneficial for future Forums members who encounter something similar.