HTTP status code 103 to preload content


Google Chrome implemented a new HTTP Status code: 103. It seems that it works with the preload attribute to inform the browser to preload a resource before the next page load… which can be great to pair with some Staticly Generated websites.

Is it possible to configure Netlify to add that status code to all CSS and JS (for example)?

Sorry for the newbie question. But I was thinking about how it can help some JAMStack projects.


Hi @fabionolasco,

Thank you for posting this. We don’t support this yet, or don’t have any immediate plans to support this. What you’re looking for might be possible using Edge Functions, however since it’s just one browser (that too on just the latest version) supporting that, I think it’s an overkill adding support for it right away. However, if you absolutely need it, you can try using Edge Functions.