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How use WordPress on root domain and gatsby or next.js projects on subdomain

Please Help…

Hi, @beck. I recommend starting off by using the external DNS instructions below:

For the apex domain (example.com) do whatever the WordPress host’s documentation says to do. (You cannot host WordPress at Netlify so it won’t be our documentation that answers that.)

For the next.js project (which I assume will be hosted here), make a CNAME record as the “Configure external DNS for a custom domain” instructions above say to do.

For example, if your Netlify site’s subdomain is happy-scientist-123abc then the CNAME record for this example domain (shop.example.com) would look something like this:

shop.example.com.		1800	IN	CNAME	happy-scientist-123abc.netlify.app.

Note, when you enter the record at your DNS service (which is normally the registrar but not always) you probably would add the record as just “shop” as the “example.com” part of the domain name will be automatically added by the DNS service. However, when you query for the DNS record externally, it will look like my example above.

Now, there is another method which is to move the domain’s DNS service to Netlify DNS. However, that tends to be more complex that is why I recommended starting with the external DNS instructions first.

If that doesn’t work or if there are other questions, please reply here anytime.