How to view application logs for debugging 500 Internal errors

My site works fine locally and builds successfully. I want to be able to see the server side logs that will help inform me of what’s happening on the server since my server will have console.log() with more details. However I can’t seem to look at logs for the running site solely for deploys and functions. My deploy is here

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @gregwhitworth,

Thanks for reaching out!

If I understand correctly, you’re looking for the functions logs for deploy preview 63? If so you should find them here:

From the search field you can search branch names or Deploy Preview numbers.

@Melvin thanks - unfortunately I’m not trying to debug my functions. I’m trying to debug the central app (it’s a Next application). Where are those logs at as I have 0 insight into the errors.

Did you try the link @Melvin shared? That’s exactly where the logs exist. Just in case you don’t believe:

@hrishikesh I had been to those logs in the past and wasn’t aware that the main application was likewise a “function”. I then did go back to them and found that the next ISR and SSR do contain the logs that I’m looking for.

So thanks @Melvin but I also think it’s worth informing users that all application logs will be in functions not only functions that are defined. For example I have a site running on Astro and it has 0 logs automatically being ingested. Apologies for the confusion but I don’t view the application as a “Function”. For example Azure has the log tailing occurring for the web app deployed which is what I was expecting.