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How to upload site using site through phone or on Android?

I have been trying to upload my site using the netlify website on my phone , I m using chrome browser. But there is no any alternative option to upload on phone or any button for choosing files .
I tried changing the site to desktop mode but it’s same .

So I want to know how can I do this ?
Also , this would be very easy in case of quick updates in site and requirement to quick deployment, that’s why I am trying this on phone.

Waiting for your response

Hi, are you trying to use drag n drop?

Most mobile browsers do not support drag and drop, so we don’t let you try. This is intended behavior.

Please use a desktop browser if you must drag and drop a site.

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Yes I’m trying drag and drop for uploading a update of site from phone . unfortunately there was no any option for file upload and drag n drop doesn’t works .
However as you said , this is an intended behavior , so I agree with this and respect company policy.
But I would like to request you
Please consider enabling this option for visitors through phone , as this will help us to access and update our sites on the go from phone .

hi there, I suggest you write out a feature request, here: #features tell us as much information as possible, especially how adding this feature would be helpful to users, and we will absolutely think about it!

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You can use netlify-cli in your Android via termux application available on fdroid.

apt update
pkg install nodejs
npm install -g netlify-cli

In order to make changes on netlify from your android phone. You can login to netlify from your github account and deploy a github repository to your netlify. Editing sub-repository files in github can be possible from phone.

After deployment, whenever your make changes in github repository, you will see the change in the netlify domain or custom domain.