How to transition from SiteGround to Netlify

Hello everyone
We are new to netlify so please bear with us. We are currently running a Wordpress LMS web site for online courses ( and have reached a point where we need to build a stable, scalable, and independent platform. Our site is currently hosted on SiteGround. We are looking to build a new web site with node js and use netlify or similar service.
Question: we want to maintain (mostly) our url/page structure and keep the SEO that we have, and are currently working on. How would this be impacted by migrating from our current hosting service to a new one? Will we loose any SEO? And how quickly can the migration be done? Any watch its we should be aware of? Many thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @pdhstar,

I’d like to warn you, the answer is not going to be straightforward, or might not even help you much, as a lot of it is going to depend on architectural decisions your team would make.

Page structure should be fairly easy to maintain in most cases. It depends on your site’s build tool or framework that you end up using and its limitations.

Should have no visible impact, except for changes in server response time. Faster sites are ranked before slower ones as far as I’m aware.

This is a very vague question. Like said before, this would highly depend on what tools you use, the skill level of your team, the technical issues you encounter, among others. This cannot be predicted reliably by us.

I haven’t and cannot check your entire website. If you’re using something non-traditional on your site, you can ask about that specifically. But other than that, none.