How to solve radio input type select one

hi i added netlify tag for my form, when i submit this form i select one items but when i submit there submitted two data …first radio button value default submit on form… here is my website Contact Us - Austin Home Improvement - Fit Build Construction here is code screenshot Lightshot — screenshot tool for Mac & Win help me anybody

Hi @juwel445,

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Unfortunately, I’m unable to view the screenshot provided. Would you be able to add the screenshot to a follow-up post?

hi ,
thank you for your reply…here is a code screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot …i have similar 3 items…when I select the last one for the submit form, the first items are automatically added …this is my issue… here is result screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi @juwel445,

Thanks for the follow-up.

Could you ensure that you’re using unique names as mentioned in our Support Guide for the inputs. Looks like currently all the radio buttons are using name="project". If you could instead give each input unique name and let us know if you’re still having the same issue.

  1. Every input in the form must have a unique “name” attribute . Something like <input name="email" ...> or <textarea name="message" ...> is what you need. The name is sent along with the value in the submission and our API will only record data from form submissions with names matching the definition as parsed at deploy time.

after changing the input radio name I got this result Screenshot by Lightshot please take a look…if you want i can share the form code … here is the code you can test
I need one selected item submitted on form submission …thank you

hi @Melvin ,
can you check my reply with the code and screenshot?

Hi @juwel445,

Could you clarify what you’re expected results are?

From the screenshot provided, I’m seeing a list of “name” and then the selection or what was inputted.

For example, the blue section is the “name” for each input, and the green is the input or what was selected. The names are Kitchen, Bathroom and Other, and Bathroom was selected. Could you clarify what exactly you’re expecting to see?

hi @Melvin ,
i hope you are well… i marked this unaccepted submission yellow color, here is a screenshot link Screenshot by Lightshot …Every item has 3 radio inputs, and we must need to select one of them…i need only the selected radio input value in the form submission…

thank you so much …
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Hi @juwel445,

Could you share the screenshot for the latest submission made by me with the email?

hi @hrishikesh ,
thank you for your try…here is a screenshot link Screenshot by Lightshot …there submitted double …so we need red marks area selected radio button Screenshot by Lightshot … i shared my code with codepen…you can try it…
thank you so much…

That value is coming from the label of the inputs:

That’s the value set in our database based on your form code:

You should put the label like this:

    <input type="radio" id="huey" name="drone" value="huey" checked />Huey</label>

hi @hrishikesh ,

i am sorry to say, i followed this example of the label and got this output can you please take a look Screenshot by Lightshot … i think you share this code by codepen or .HTML files or .txt files so I can test it and follow this one for next project…
thank you so much for your time and help…