How to skip installing dependencies

Hey, I have a JS project that I am deploying to Netlify, but the project shares a repository with a PHP part. This means I do have a composer.json with dependencies for it. When I build the app in Netlify, it also automatically tried to install PHP dependencies with composer. How do I prevent that? I do not want it to install PHP dependencies just because a part of the project is using them when it’s unrelated to Netlify.

Thanks for help!

@Goues I might be wrong, but I don’t believe it’s possible to skip the automatic dependency install that happens pre-build based on the dependency definition files that Netlify locates.

Another user proposes a workaround in this thread where they point Netlify at an otherwise empty build folder, so that dependencies aren’t auto-installed, and then they cd to the real folder and run only the commands they need to.

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