How to setting up a custom branch domain with only one branch

Site name: priceless-volhard-14b73c

I would like to have two separate subdomains for my site: and My site currently does a single branch deploy from a branch called main and has auto-publish set to off. In this scenario the “published” build is prod and the most recent build of main is staging. This means I have two netlify endpoints:

  • Prod:
  • Stg: main–

What I have now is a CNAME structured like the following: -> which works great. What I tried to do was to set up such that is references I have tried creating the CNAME for which did not work, and assumed creating would also not work. Is it possible to set up a CNAME in this way?

Alternatively, I also considered setting up a custom domain for the branch, however with only one branch being deployed this option is greyed out to me. I typed up an idea of how to implement this as well below. Either implementation would work for me, I just want to have two subdomains pointing to the two netlify URLs I referenced above.

Hey @jlhasson

In order to have configure branch deploys, and branch subdomains, you need to have multiple branches.

Hey thanks yeah I figured that was the case for the branch subdomains. What about simply pointing a different CNAME to the main– URL than the one pointed to the URL? When I did this the CNAME pointed to main– seemed to be actually just pointing to