How to Run a Lambda Function Periodically

How can i auto call a lambda function periodically say every hour

Hi @siliconchild, we don’t have any built in functionality for this, but you can use other services like Zapier to trigger the function.

thank you for the response, can zapier call an individual lambda function on netlify, or can it only rebuild the whole website?

Hi @siliconchild - you’ll need to refer to the zapier docs for this specifically - as our knowledge on zapier runs out right about at this point :slight_smile:
If you can find a way, please let us know, so we can pass this thread on to other users. thanks.

Thanks for the response, the question is is there a public endpoint for every lambda function that i can call from anywhere. Or is the accessible publically? I thought it only worked on the same domain for security reasons.

Indeed, that path is publicly accessible at the… or type URL’s