How to remove [Netlify] from subject?

Hey there, @tcope25!

Although a seemingly simple change, it’s not.

There will be customers out there who have automations or a pipeline which relies on the [Netlify] prefix being in the email subject. No doubt about it.

Therefore, our teams must be able to develop a solution which allows for this to be toggled from within the UI with well-tested, non-damaging calls made to our backend to preserve functionality to those who expect it.

Additionally, our docs team must then work with the engineering teams to understand the proposed changes and update our customer-facing information.

Furthermore, all of the above must be scheduled in to an already ambitious pipeline along with many other fantastic projects.

Our Support and Community teams would love to see this rolled out tomorrow. Similarly, we appreciate that over a dozen of our customers want (or even need) to see this change to use our Forms feature. However, we must preserve functionality and consider our implementation. Otherwise – for every 1 request we have for this feature – we’ll have 100 angry customers telling us that we’ve broken their workflow.


+1 for this feature. I love using Netlify and have been paying for Netlify forms for some time… but requiring the [Netlify] tag in every email subject line is actually absurd, and feels really weird for my branding for my customers.

There are absolutely solutions you can implement that won’t disrupt current user’s workflows (off the top of my head, a toggle option to include/exclude the Netlify tag, with the tag being on by default to avoid disrupting current users?)

I feel like engineering needs to listen to marketing and UX on this one…

+1, my client is also asking me to remove the [Netlify] from the subject.

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Same issue here. We need to reply to customers from these emails and Netlify in the subject line confuses them

Thank y’all for the feedback :+1::heart:

Hi there

Any update on this ?

I’m about to use Netlify for my whole web agency business, to host a lot of clients websites.

I think that Netlify is just amazing and the form solution very useful, though this [Netlify] prefix on the email subject is a big problem for UX.

I’m ready to pay to remove it, is there any solution ?
If not I may reconsider my hosting solution :confused:

Thank you !

Hi @SimonWMX,

Welcome to netlify community.

Thanks for providing your use case. I am sharing it with our Product team.

We will update this post when we know more! Thanks again.

What’s the latest on the [Netlify] in the subject issue?

Same as it will be until someone on staff posts here that anything has changed :slight_smile:

We will absolutely, 100% certainly, follow up with this thread in case we ship this feature, and we continue to advocate for it with our Product team.

I feel the urge to bump this topic once more. It’s the only thing in the Netlify workflow that affects my clients (and their clients, for that matter) directly and I have a hard time explaining them why I can’t change it.

I know I can work around this issue by setting up a submission-created function that triggers a mailing app etc, but for me that kinda defies the whole Netlify Forms ease of use. I understand this issue doesn’t have an easy fix, but a solution is much needed nonetheless.

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Thanks for that feedback, Tom. Our Support keep requesting it for you and the others who want it, but it is a hard thing to prioritize since it doesn’t really drive any revenue and it is a lot of work (we’ve learned that creating the option is not sufficient; you have to write the docs, and create the UI for it, and those things take a fair amount of time and effort away from more useful work).

We’ll still post here if there ever does become such an option.

@fool If there’s anything I can help out with, I’d be willing to put in some time and effort. Thanks for your response.

Revenue-wise, this could be a pro feature. It makes sense to have a “branded” email on the free tier but have custom settings on a paid plan. Not to piss off free tier users, but Netlify is a lot more awesome on a care free tier

definitely a good point tom. I will keep pushing for this!

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Great, thanks Perry. Again, if you guys need any help, you know where to find me. I’ve got loads of UX experience and done a fair share of docs work on the Netlify CMS project.

@fool +1 for me on this issue, please.

This is literally the only complaint I have with Netlify.

I’m happy (more than happy) to pay more per month to have this feature.

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Hi All, first of all, thank you for your patience with us - we know this is an important issue for many of you and appreciate you bringing this forward. I don’t have the news you are hoping for (more on that in a sec) but what do have is heartfelt thanks that you care enough about our products to give us your honest opinion on how we can make them better.

After a few rounds of conversations between different parts of the company, it has ultimately been the decision not to make the [Netlify] part removable. I know that is not what you wanted to hear necessarily,. The reasoning for this (which i am paraphrasing here) is that the emails we send to you from our service were never intended to be sent to your customers as-is, and so the branding should not matter as it is not supposed to be customer facing. We’ll be updating the docs to make it clearer that the [Netlify] part is non-removable.

I realize that some of you have a different use-case (which is why you are asking for this) and to those the suggestion is to use Zapier or a different third party service (which Netlify can notify) to send customer emails without the [Netlify] branding. I believe we will be updating the docs to include this information as well.

Please give this some thought and consider if this is an approach that might work for you.

Once again, i know this not the answer some of you were hoping for, but that’s the news we have at this time.


Thank you for taking the time to offer an explanation.

Regarding “the emails we send to you from our service were never intended to be sent to your customers as-is”.

The part that seems to be off is “the emails we send to you”.

If I were using Netlify to host personal projects only this would make sense, but I’m not. I use Netlify to host personal and client projects; I would imagine that many of your paid clients would say the same?

If so, the Netlify systems should take the “you” and “your customers” into account.

The Zapier angle looks interesting.

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!

Nice! I can accept this — using a 3rd party web-hook / Zapier / etc. has been an option for a while and one that I knew would work for removing the [Netlify] tag… just that it took a little more leg work. Happy to have an official answer on this to close the book :+1:t2:

@dougouverson I too use Netlify for personal and otherwise — this is probably just a syntax / nomenclature concern if I was going to guess. It sounds like Netlify intends that any email sent directly from Netlify should really only go to the developers / Netlify account administrators directly rather than considering those emails as acceptable to send to (or forward to) any party which does not directly have access to (or understand the workings of) the Netlify dashboard / interface.

Thanks Perry!! Glad we have an official answer / closed book here



+1 to remove [Netlify] prefix from email subject.

Thank you.

This is now possible since May 5, 2023, simply by adding the data-remove-prefix attribute to an input with the name “subject”.