How to remove [Netlify] from subject?

+1’d you to the request, @Danistc!

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Thank you so much @Scott!!

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I’m confused. Is this issue with [Netlify] hardcoded in the subject field also there on the paid subscription version of Netlify Forms? Netlify Pricing and Plans

If so that’s unacceptable, and I’ll have to move my client to a different host. Please let me know if I misunderstood :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately so, @techstacker. I can +1 you to the feature!


Another one here, is not the ideal user experience. And I understood that this issue is the same when you are on paid plans in netlify.

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It’s not working with me, the symbol is still on every email notification. I can handle (for now the Netlify word in the title), but does anybody know how to customize a little bit better this notifications, I would like to add the sender’s email, and other camps aswell.

Or… just using a or for automatization is the final solution you found?
thanks for any leads on this

Hey @davidberco,

Seems like this topic is snowballing a little bit! I’ve +1ed you. You’re right in your assumption, by the way – as it stands today, it’s not a toggleable feature on any of our plans.


I have been impressed with Netlify and was looking forward to Netlify Forms, but the [Netlify] tag in the notification subject line is just confusing for clients not familiar with the technology infrastructure.

There is no need for it to be there. Please can this be removed.

You could always put ‘powered by Netlify’ or similar in the email footer if desperate to keep your name associated with the email notification.


Huge (and paying) Netlify fan, but this nonsense has been an issue for 12+ months now. You don’t need to be overly technical to understand that this isn’t a complicated thing to fix, unless your codebase is a total mess, which would surprise me.

It looks like you insist on forcing your brand down the users’ throats, even though it blatantly hurts the user experience. I don’t want to be rude, but that’s how it looks.

At least for paying users, allow us to format emails the way we/our clients want them to look.

Doesn’t that sound fair? :slightly_smiling_face:


hey @techstacker, totally get what you are saying. We are going to be reviewing this issue and see if we can get this some attention. I personally agree with your logic completely. We’ll keep you posted.


Major +1 on this for me too. I’ve had several clients ask me what’s up with the [netlify] - and I’d also prefer not to have to explain background infrastructure.

And of course, they also ask why the subject lines can’t be more informative- like including the name of the submitter: that way multiple notifications don’t get stacked in a single email thread in their inboxes.

Since its taken so long to get the seeming simple change of removing [netlify] - I guess its too much wishful thinking to have something like a variable that would be dynamically updated with data input on a field in a form upon submit… :pray: I’d pay for that alone…


+1 to remove [Netlify] prefix from email subject.

Thank you.

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Thanks @scottkg, @lekhnath.

The feedback is useful; Scott, we 'ear you :ear::+1:. +2’d the feature request for ya.


Netlify Forms seemed perfect until I saw this issue with the [NETLIFY] branding in the email subject. It seems like such a simple thing to fix and would make all the difference in the world to customer uptake of Netlify as a whole.


Hi, @kbs, this +1 has been added to the feature request.

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Hi also requesting this feature. A client of mine actually request to move off of Netlify and onto a paid hosting solution just because of the [Netlify] branding in the subject

The feature request has been updated to include your interest, @MidlifeCoder. :+1:

Also very interested in this.

Plus-one’d you to the feature, @dazulu :slight_smile:

When will this be fixed? Crazy that you still haven’t made this simple change requested over 12+ months ago.