How to remove a site altogether

Hello. I am facing a problem regarding removing a deployed site on Netlify. I have recently deployed a site using Netlify but I just wanted to see how it works and now I want to remove it but can’t find a way to do so, could you please help me out? I googled a lot trying to find an article to give me a solution but unfortunately, I wasn’t successful.

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Hello @yalda, welcome!

In your Site settings at the bottom, there’s a big red button which says Delete site.
Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Omg, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it. Thank you so much


If i delete a site or domain does my money get refunded?

No. I don’t think so.

Hi, @kingsleyhemans. There isn’t a way to unregister a domain so we only offer refunds for domain registrations if there was a mistake made by Netlify.

If you upgrade to a paid plan type, we do bill in advance for them (billing for days in the future). If you downgrade before the billing cycle ends, please create a ticket with a type of “billing issue” at helpdesk and our support team will process a refund for the unused portion of the billing cycle.

I want to unregister please i need help,it was mistake

Hi, @kingsleyhemans. We can transfer the domain to your direct control so you can use it with another service, but we do not issue refunds for domain registrations (unless there was a mistake caused by Netlify, of course).

We have sent you an email to the email address associated with your Netlify account, and we’ll communicate with you through that email to continue resolving this issue.

Also, please let us know with a reply here if you don’t receive a message from us.

HI i am new does netlify provide servises like WordPress i mean can i make a website on netlify .

hi James, this is an unrelated question to the original thread - in the future, please do start a new one.

Here is a good summary of what you can and can not do on Netlify you might find helpful:

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There is no “big red button”, how can i find it?

You don’t see this button at the bottom of @Freeandhappy ?

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Finally, i found it! Thanks a lot!