How to redirect all not found pages after / to your home page netlify

how can we redirect all not found pages after / to homepage

Does adding:

	from = "/*"
	to = "/"
	status = 404

to your netlify.toml work?

@warrior1211421 @hrishikesh may have provided the correct answer, but I think I would have tried something like this first:

	from = "404.html"
	to = "/"

I haven’t tried either approach, though.

where can I find this netlify.toml file please can you tell I am new on netlify

You need to create the file.

I found config.toml but did nt find netlify.toml file

config.toml is Hugo’s file. netlify.toml is something you need to create.

can you please guide me step by step how to make this file I mean I read other forums but I don’t understand what they are saying about root directory please guide me step bt step

Root directory is the base folder of your project. The same folder in which you have your config.toml.