Custom 404 does not work for /netlify.toml


I have a redirect for custom 404 error pages, like this:

from = "/*"
to = "/error"
status = 404

Works like a charm, great. All non-existing paths that I try in a browser end up on that page. Except one: /netlify.toml

I do get a 404 (as expected), but not my custom 404 error page. Instead I get the generic Netlify 404 error page. This is not really a problem, but it does, I think, betray the presence of a netlify.toml on the server. This might be the tiniest of insignificantest security concerns.

I tried /_redirects and /_headers, but I get the expected custom 404 page for those.

Is there a way to redirect all non-existing (and presumedly globally excluded paths) to my custom 404 error page?

Kind regards,


hey Jan! thanks for pointing that out. I’m gonna get some :eyes: on this and we’ll see if this is something we want to change. Appreciate the report!