How to pass relative path to Lighthouse Plugin?

Hi, I looked to the documentation of the Lighthouse plugin, but I didn’t find how I should pass a relative path to be audit on Lighthouse.

The only has this:

  # to audit a specific absolute url
    url = ""

I tried passing only the relative path to url, but it didn’t work

  package = "@netlify/plugin-lighthouse"

    url = "/"
    url = "/teams"

This was the result I got:

If you need any other information you can check the build logs: Netlify App

Only directories can be referred to relatively. URLs must be absolute.


  # to audit a sub path of the build directory
  # route1 audit will use the top level thresholds
    path = "route1"

    # you can specify output_path per audit, relative to the path
    output_path = "reports/route1.html"

So, if I’m creating a NextJS app, I would have to refer to the build directory’s path to audit that route in the preview? It seems strange to me because I thought the Lighthouse plugin would be helpful to compare performance changes between production and the PR that I’m trying to merge.

Is there any possibility of this being a feature? Or is there anything that I could do to have this available?

You can file an issue on the above repo and hope that it makes into production.