How to make my Angolia Search Plugin work

Hello there. I’m trying to implement a search index for my website and I’m not too sure how it will work. I created a netlify.toml file in my git repository and added the information (wrote down below)

package = netlify-plugin-algolia-index
# all inputs is optional, we just show you

the defaults below
# [plugins.inputs]
# exclude = # don’t index this file
# indexName = searchIndex

I have a html/css code for a search bar already I just want to include a plugin or something for it to actually work. I’m not sure what to do next. I didn’t see anything happen but I don’t know where to go afterwards. Can someone explain me more in detail what to do? It’s a new feature too…


Hi @ispeeta,

Thanks a lot for reaching out!

This plugin was created by another user @lukeocodes. I would suggest trying to reach out to him on the plugin’s repository (, he should have more insights into this.