Algolia crawler setup (website is missing during setup stage)

Hello. :grinning:

I’m afraid I’m having issues integrating the Algolia crawler onto my Netlify account, which is strange because I had no issues with this same process last year.

Essentially I want to integrate Algolia onto my website but for some reason when I reach the stage that prompts me to choose a website from my Netlify account, it seems to list all of them apart from the aforementioned site. :slightly_frowning_face:

The link I’m using for this process is below…

In theory I should see a list of 7 websites in total (with one of them already successfully connected last year) but sadly I’m only given a list of 6 websites instead.

Could someone from Netlify please look into this issue, as I’ve gone through the Dashboard myself and there doesn’t seem to be anything that I can fix from my end. It’s very peculiar.

For context, I’ve tried the process with both a dedicated Algolia account and an Algolia account authenticated via Netlify…and yet it seems both scenarios play out in the same manner.

Any help would be awesome, thanks for reading. :smiley:

This sounds more like an issue on Algolia’s end than Netlify. We can’t check the Algolia dashboard link, so not sure what you’re seeing. But if there’s a way to reconfigure your Netlify account, please try that. Other than that, Algolia should be able to assist you properly with this.