How to link a site to a git repository in a different Azure Devops organization?


For the site rz-storybook-app I am trying to setup the repository link. The git repository is in a different Azure Devops organization than our other Netlify sites. When I try linking using the UI flow and in step 1 try connecting to the Git provider, selecting ‘Deploy Azure Devops’ (see screenhot below) I end up with a repository list of the other Azure Devops organization.

For now I have been able to manually link the repository using the CLI, but it looks like with this approach I am not able to enable ‘Deploy previews’. Production deploys on our main branch are working fine though, so it doesn’t seem like an issue with Netlify not having access to the Azure Devops organization.

This Azure Devops organization has Third-party application access via OAuth enabled and the account used to link the repository has permission to Edit subscriptions and View subscriptions.

Is there a way to fix this and still use the UI to link the repository?

Hi :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out! I see here that you were able to link the repo to netlify.

If this is not the case I’d encourage you to send an invite to add a team member so you can easily access the sites.

Hi @SamO

Thanks for your reply, but linking the site is not the problem, I was able to link by using the Netlify CLI for that.

My problem is linking the site by using the UI (since manually linked sites don’t seem to offer the Deploy Previews functionality).


This appears to have an ongoing conversation in the helpdesk.