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How to implement Google Ads Conversion tracker to register form submission of Netlfy form

I am looking for a way to track Google Ad conversions on Netlify. I have an ad campaign open and operational, Google Ads and Google Tag Manager accounts setup and the scripts for each in the ‘< head >’ of the landing page. Can someone point me in the right direction to how I can track on form submission from a Netlify from with “Email” as the only field that is being collected? I tried following along this example to have a custom script that runs on form submission - How to track Netlify Form submissions with GTM in 4 steps. Any help would be appreciated. It seemed to be working properly but the form collected empty data on form submission and was not registering emails. Thanks!

Welcome to the forums @mattebrown

Can you provide a link to the page with your form?

there is a form in the hero section and the footer that submit to the same neflity form called lalo-coming-soon. Thanks

Thanks @mattebrown

First issue I see it the <button type="submit">Submit</button> is outside the <form...>...</form>. Can you move it inside the form and test again.

@coelmay , thanks for catching that I did now move the button inside the form properly but still no luck with the Google Ad Conversion tracking.

Hi @mattebrown,

I’ve no experience with Google Ads Conversion tracker, however the guide you’ve referred to seems to use JavaScript to handle form submission. You are not using that. Your form is submitting using plain HTML. So, even though Netlify is able to collect the form submissions, Google is not able to.

Maybe you need to recheck your website’s source code to see if you’re actually allowing Google to collect the form submission. Additionally, you can make use of submission-created serverless function to send data to Google if that’s something possible.