How to generate my website

Hi everybody!

I have developed an e-commerce website with Nuxt.js (v2.15).
About 300 products, categories, filters, discounts, booking of visits, user account, shopping cart, etc…
(backend on Laravel).

I’m trying to deploy it on Netlify (connected to GitHub).

Nuxt configuration:

target: 'server',
ssr: true,

On Netlify:

Build command: npm run build
Publish directory: dist

The deploy log seems OK. Site is live :slight_smile:
But, on the website, there are a lot of js error

Some pages are missing, some links are broken, reloading the page generates errors, the https is sometimes broken…

In short, the site is broken.
I don’t understand why and how can i do to fix it…

Any ideas…?

Thanks A LOT!


I’m not seeing the errors you’ve shown, however you probably need to be worried about something else. Your app seems to be running Vue in dev mode as shown by the info in console. You should try building a production version.

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Yes, indeed, i’m in DEV. This is “normal” for now.

For an e-commerce, is my configuration the best ? Target / SSR / Build command ?

It seems some pages can’t be refresh:

After reloading the page:


  1. Your staging site does not have a valid SSL certificate. You might want to sort that out.
  2. The Page Not Found issue is covered in [Support Guide] Direct links to my single page app (SPA) don't work

I have a SSL on the domain register (IONOS)

Isn’t enought…?

But i don’t ask for a SPA…!

target: 'server',
ssr: true,

I don’t understand :frowning:

However the domain isn’t served by IONOS. It is served by Netlify.
See [Support Guide] How to use Netlify’s branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS

The same applies for a site that renders all content via SSR.

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Hi, @pit07. I just want to say that @coelmay is correct. The SSL at IONOS means nothing unless you manually upload that SSL certificate to Netlify. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing that and I suggest using the automatic SSL via Let’s Encrypt our service provides.

SSL is part of HTTP. It is not controlled by DNS. IONOS only provides your DNS service and not the HTTP service for this site. This is why the SSL certificate at IONOS has no affect at all at Netlify (again, unless you manually uploaded it but you did not).

He is also correct about this site requiring the single-page application (SPA) redirect rule to work correctly. The URL you shared ( is rendered using client side javascript. You will need the SPA redirect rule for those pages to function correctly as direct links (which is what they are when you manually refresh the page).

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.


Hi @luke , thanks a lot!
The site is a bit complicated. The domain name is at GANDI, the name servers are on IONOS, and the subdomains redirect to Netlify (frontend) and Forge (Laravel) for the API.

I can’t use the SSL / TLS certificate from Netlify:

I think i need to use the Netlify domain’s name servers in order to use the Netlify SSL.
But it is a delicate manipulation, given that the domain name is also used for the site currently online and that I must not break…!

When i download the “IONOS certificate”, i have only the RSA PRIVATE KEY (i don’k know how to find PEM and CA certificate values).

About my custom domains, i think it’s a mess…

For this part, maybe i need to put manage the DNS records directly on Netlify (but It scares me :smiley: ), and use branch subdomains to define my

Am I summarizing correctly?

To summarize, I would like the site to behave like a “classic php” site. The user calls the page, the server renders the page, returns the page, and other actions are handled on the client side. I need a solid SEO. I thought that’s what my nuxt.config.js file said

I know how to develop sites, but you will have understood, I have trouble with everything that is infrastructure, environment.

Thanks a lot for your patience :slight_smile:

Not particularly. You can keep using IONOS for your DNS, and point to Netlify using A + CNAME records: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs

Then, we can provision SSL for that.

Hi @hrishikesh !
Maybe you can save me :slight_smile:

The DNS are set on IONOS.

For now, my website is on

I have this records:

CNAME staging

If i add:

A staging (Netlify’s load balancer IP address)

I have an error:


(The new DNS record conflicts with the active service. In order for the record for the domain to be valid, the DNS records for the service will be disabled. The following DNS records will be disabled)

Please read the above documentation :slight_smile:

For subdomains, you only need a CNAME. For apex domains, you need A + CNAME.

Since you’re using a subdomain (staging), only the CNAME is fine.

Okay, so that’s what I set up. And i have this SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE error :frowning:

You still haven’t added the custom domain to your site: Netlify App

It needs to be added in the UI.