How to directly deploy the update site using commands

I have seen 4 static website deployment methods, one is to drag manually, and the other three are to connect to “Git Hub, Git Lab, Bitbucket”

I want to deploy to the netlify site directly through the usual command deployment warehouse method. Does netlify support this?

I think you’re looking for this: Get started with Netlify CLI | Netlify Docs

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Thank you for your answer.
I tried the manual deployment of the tutorial, but I got stuck at the beginning. I got stuck at the place of netlify login. After I typed it, there is no response.The browser window does not pop up.
Do you know how? Solve it?

It worked fine for me. Do you have a default browser setup?

Yes, I use mac, the default browser is chrome
The problem I encountered is the same as this link
My area is in China, and I cannot ping Can you ping through?

Yes, I can successfully ping:


If you’re from China, it might be the issue mentioned in the thread you mentioned and sadly there’s no way from Nelify’s end to bypass it.

Okay, this is a hard question, I can’t hang vpn, thank you again for your answer