How to create TLSA records

How can I create TLSA records in Netlifys DNS?
I just have setup a mailcow server and it tells me that there are records missing. Most of them are TLSA,
but i cant find any option to add TLSA records.
How can I do this?

Hey @Niwla23,
Unfortunately, we don’t support that record type :frowning:

Here’s an article on how to get email to your domain:

If you’re not using Netlify DNS, you can try setting up those TLSA records at your DNS host, which is likely your domain registrar. You’ll know whether you are using Netlify DNS by checking here: (if you are, there will be a badge that says “Netlify DNS”; if you aren’t, there will be no badge)

Let us know if we can answer any other questions on this!